Show me your champion!

show me your champion

We as human beings have always looked to a hero to save us. Whenever we are faced with a challenge which cannot be solved with one simple action, we dream up a hero who is wiser, stronger, and more capable than we are.  And when we have granted them all the power we deep down wished we possess, we shroud them in mystery; claiming that no one knows who this person is but for some birth mark or sign in the heavens.  We transform our hero from a human like us to some supernatural being who will avenge us and put us back on the right path.  And while many may think this is purely the stuff of religions, fanatics, the confused, sci fi movies and novels, or the fantasies of the weak and bullied; let me tell you it happens every day, to all of us, at every level of society.  And it does not always take the form of a person.