A Beginning…

Growing up you are encouraged to be a child, but simultaneously you are expected to have a plan for your life.  Every dream, every expression of whimsy on the part of a child has parents oscillating between sky kissed peaks of euphoria and the valleys of terror for the adults the children could become.  But parents fail to enlighten these blank pages about the sheer randomness that is life.  It never plays fair, never plays by the rules, it is a jilted lover, a swooning miss… it can only be relied upon for one thing, to test the very limits of your strength; strength of character and purpose.  The trouble with this is that sometimes we become so focused on beating life that we trap ourselves in the rut called ‘capitalism’ and more fondly the ‘rat race’.

And yet, is that truly what life wishes to teach us? Yes we face challenges,yes the world and all in it are running a seemingly endless downward spiral which promises nothing but darkness.  But look around, no matter how bad it gets, the sun still shines and nature continues her task of nurturing life and promise.  Every morning she closes the door on the night and all the chills of the unknown, and throws open the doors to the birth  of a new day and its endless possibilities. And so, like mother nature herself, whenever we slip, we should find that door, slam it shut and climb on top of it, reaching ever higher, growing ever stronger and never forgetting to stop and smell the roses.  For all of life can be summed up in one phrase ‘everything has its time and place’; even speech.

So here’s to a new beginning and cheers to all those that are yet to come.

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