Why speak?

In life, we are always told that we must be strong and  count the blessings in our lives.  We must stop to smell the roses and appreciate all that is good and fair in the imagined sphere that is our world.  And most of all we must never be whiners, complainers and spoiled brats.  But what if being any of those, for just a moment is all we need to get us moving again?

We all go through our ups and downs, our daily stresses, worries and anxieties. The world we have built is caffeine fueled and designed to keep the individual running on a giant hamster wheel, forever chasing that illusive capitalist  dream of wealth, and power.  But what happens when we have too many obstacles to jump, dodge, slide under, move around or brace and take the impact?  Where do we go to get mended and rid ourselves of the dust and debris which has begun weighing us down?  For many of us the path chosen is one of avoidance; avoidance by not dwelling on the issue and avoidance by staying even busier than before.   Yet what if all we needed was just a good vent?

When we feel unlucky, overwhelmed, angry and frustrated by person, place, animal or thing  we should claim or entitlement to freedom of expression and let it out.  We must not let the cries of belittlement of others diminish the weight of our travails on the basis of having the basics not available to many of the world’s population.  Every challenge, no matter how small has an effect on the individual suffering through it.  And that suffering deserves to be voiced. In its voicing we find relief, peace and a clear mind, as the shackles of life’s many challenges are dropped by the way side.

However, in our quest to unburden ourselves, we must never forget to do no harm to ourselves and others.

That’s step number one…



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